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Celestia (fire opal)

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Product description

Stone colour: Fire Opal, Sun, Crystal AB

Hold on, you've got something in your hair...what is it? Oh, look! It's a star fallen from Heaven, landed among your silky tresses! Celestia is a little piece of the nightly firmament, right here on the ballroom dance floor. Every eye that beholds her, and you, will sparkle with...ok, ok, we'll stop.

Really though, this hair piece is super cute and with its flexible backing it's so versatile and can mold to any coiffure!ƒâ€š This design is made with Crystal AB stones which will match any costume. The backing is beige and works with any colour hair quite nicely.

It is approximately 6 cm long and 4 cm wide (2.5 inches by 1 1/2 inches). .

All of our jewelry is handmade from start to finish right here in our workshop studio.

Attach to hair with bobby pins and/or U pins. Eyelash glue (DUO seems to work the best) can be used adhere the accessory to your hair and forehead if you desire.

For more information about how to wear our hair accessories, CLICK ME.