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We want you to be super happy with our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns with your purchase. You can create a support ticket through your account page, or email us directly.

1 ... i'm allergic to...
1.1 Are you allergic to something?

Please let us know! We can discuss alternative ideas for earrings with the metal components. Most of what we have currently are gold-plated, silver-plated, silver-filled or stainless steel. There is also a small selection of leverback hanging earrings that are 14k gold (yellow or white).

Most of the rest of the jewelry has a skin-safe silicone backing. We have not heard any reports of any reactions to this, but if you're ever concerned at all,  we recommend just sticking with what you know can work with your skin. The last thing you'll want on the day of your performance is an uncomfortable reaction!

2 Wearing the jewelry
2.1 How on earth will this stay on my head?

Don't worry - everyone asks us this! We'll even be making a video soon.

In the mean time, we have a description with some photos that you can read HERE.

2.2 How do I glue stuff to my forehead or hair?

Some pieces work well when you glue them. Eyelash glue works really well for this, and our preferred brand is DUO (this is a latex-based product, so for those who are allergic to latex, please do not use this!).

Note that once you glue on an item to your hair... you're pretty much committed to wearing it in that placement until you wash your hair. If you plan on moving or switching hair accessories during the event then we do not recommend using glue on the hair (skin is fine, however).




2.3 Which way does this hair accessory go?

Shiny-side out!

There is no wrong way to place the accessory on your head or in your hear. Our customers constantly surprise us with innovative ways that look absolutely gorgeous. Unleash your imagiation and go for it ;-)

3 Custom design orders
3.1 How does this work?

This is definitely a fun project. It's different with everyone - some people have really specific ideas and input, and other people don't want to worry about anything and hand over complete creative license to us.


We will listen to your wishes and concerns, and put together a few ideas and sketches to convey our ideas. We can amend the ideas if there are any changes you wish to make. Then we'll go ahead and turn the idea into reality!


Currently if you buy one of the products under "haute couture", this is a deposit that will go towards the project. The price of the project can very depending on the amount of stones and complexity of the project, as well as the intended budget. Larger and really fancy designs have more Swarovski so this will increase the price. If you take a cruise through our ready-to-wear collection, you'll see what are relatively the price ranges for all the items.


The time that this takes can vary depending on what we have up on our schedules with the orders, which vary. We like to recommend about 4-6 weeks. Usually the beginning parts take longer, as we discuss and come up with ideas. Once everything is decided, realizing the idea usually happens pretty quickly.

One last note - most shipping places take 5-7 business days, so that is something to keep in mind as well ;-)

4 Other random questions
4.1 Which rhinestones do you use?

Since the quality of rhinestones is paramount when it comes to the sparkle-power of jewelry, we stick with one brand only: Swarovski.


4.2 Jewelry care

We have a care guide you can explore HERE.

Please keep in mind that if you purchase a necklace, try to keep it flat for storage. The silicone will want to remember a kinked shape (not everyone wants kink) if it's stored that way for a while. You can "undo" this by pressing it flat under a heavy book, but it's easier to avoid that. We ship our jewelry in boxes that can be used for storage as well.

4.3 What is the rubbery stuff on the back of most of your jewelry?

Ahhh. This is our secret sauce ;-) Although we will tell you that it is silicone, and it's pretty cool.

4.4 Earrings: clips or posts?

Please check out our blog article HERE.

4.5 What do you add to powdered water?

I've always wondered this myself.

4.6 How do competition dancers get their hair so crazy shiny?

(info coming)

For style ideas, check THIS out.

4.7 Where can I buy a nice competition dress?

Don't let borders or accessibility prevent you from getting the designs you love! These houses of dance-fashion will happily work with you in spite of possibly being in a different country.


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Bobby Ackbarali

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