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Product description

Stone colour: Crystal AB

You're fiercely competitive and you know you're stunning, which is why we made the best headpiece ever, just for you...Ada doesn't take "no" for an answer, but she's always graceful about it. This elegant and confident head accessory is sure to show them all that the spotlight is meant to be on you! 

Made with all Swarovski Crystal AB stones which will match any costume. This headband has a silicone-based rubbery backing for comfort and durability.

Attach to hair using bobby pins, and if a little extra stability is desired, add a dab of eyelash glue underneath the center stone. If the headband is too long, you can get creative and wrap the ends into your hairstyle, or overlap them, OR cut them off (don't worry - it doesn't hurt).

For tips regarding glueing items to your forehead, please read our article HERE.