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Alectrona (emerald)

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Product description

Stone colour: Emerald

Alectrona is strong and pensive woman. She radiates a certain calm confidence that keeps her grounded while she flirtatiously hints at frolicking, flowery fun. She is truly the best of both worlds... sassy and wise, flowery and serious. One thing is always for sure - she is always on point.

Total length is approximately 61 cm (24 inches). Made with genuinely extra sparkly stones on a skin-safe silicone backing.

Attach to hair with bobby pins and/or U-Pins, and add a dab of eyelash glue between forehead and headband for added stability. This style may not require any glue if the sides are secure (we do recommend doing a test-run first).


For tips regarding glueing items to your forehead, please read our article HERE.