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Product description

Stone colour: Crystal AB

Remember that perfect little girl in Elementary school that everyone loved, but you secretly envied her? But then one day you got up the nerve to sit next to her at lunch and she offered you her Snack Pack pudding and it turned out she really was awesome? Meet Bianca, who is fully aware that everyone is jealous but loves them, anyway. 

This headband rests evenly across the forehead and is decorated with the innovation of a uniquely shaped stoned called "Solaris" (with frosted edges) which just makes Bianca even more special. This is crafted with all Crystal AB which will match any costume. Total length is approximately 60 cm (23.5 inches).

Attach to hair using bobby pins and if a little extra stability is desired, just add a dab of eyelash glue under the headband.

For tips regarding glueing items to your forehead, please read our article HERE.