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Carolyn (jet)

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Product description

Stone colour: Jet, Jet Hematite, Silver Night

Meet Carolyn: effortlessly cool, calm and collected. She breezes through your competition day and night with the easy grace of a dancing princess. When your feet start to get tired and sore, remember that Carolyn is keeping your head up, proud and confident and with your eye on the trophy. 

The pear-shaped accent stone is surrounded by long, winding tendrils of midnight-dark gems. Carolyn is available in Crystal AB and red, too.

This hairpiece can be worn a variety of ways. Your imagination is the limit! The backing is flexible which can mold around hair designs as well. A mixture of mostly Jet with a sprinkle of Jet Hematite and a dazzling line of Silver Night make for some sultry sparkle. The backing is also black. All stones are genuine sparkle.

It is approximately 17 cm long and 5 cm wide (6 3/4 inches by 2 inches).

All of our jewelry is handmade from start to finish right here in our workshop studio.

Attach to hair with bobby pins and/or U pins. Eyelash glue (DUO seems to work the best) can be used adhere the accessory to your hair and forehead if you desire.

For more information about how to wear our hair accessories, CLICK ME.