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Diana (Jet)

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Product description

We based the design of this exceptionally unique hair accessory on pictures from the Royal Wedding of the Princess of Wales to Prince Charles, way back when...hence the name, Diana.

No...that's a total lie. The People's Princess didn't actually wear anything like these two ornamental hair combs. But if she had, it would have been AMAZE...

Diana is crafted with all genuine sparkle stones, and the mixture of black and sparkly dark grey gems in leaf-shaped patterns are light-catching sensations.

Diana is also available in Crystal AB.

Each piece is approximately 10 cm x 6 cm (4 inches x 2.5 inches). There are comb attachments on the back for extra sturdiness as the larger stones are heavier. Add a U-pin or bobby pin on the ends to ensure no movement once it is in the hair.