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Eleanor (gold+aurum)

Eleanor (gold+aurum)

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Product description

Stone colour: Aurum, Golden Shadow

Oh, Eleanor.

The dancer who wears her is the best of the best.

This hairpiece is almost an afterthought, but not because you're preoccupied or lazy. On the contrary! You need zero assistance to be amazing, but you still want a light crown to tell the world, "I am Queen".

Eleanor is an easy and classic headband, made exclusively with genuine sparkle elements.

Attach to hair using bobby pins. This headband is lightweight and will stay easily without having to use eyelash glue on the forehead.

Total length is approximately 60 cm (23.5 inches). If the headband is too long, you can get creative and wrap the ends into your hairstyle, or overlap them, OR cut them off (don't worry - it doesn't hurt).