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Product description

Stone colour: Crystal AB

Odette's delicate, swooping rows of crystals with the large pear that grazes your forehead is a debutante's dream...but without the inexperienced naivete. Wearing this dramatic headband, which sits toward the front of the head, is how you tell your audience that you're in charge.

Crystal AB stones will match your costume, and Odette's rubbery silicone backing will remain comfortable.

It highly likely (and recommended) to use an ahesive (like eyelash glue- we recommend DUO) to attach the front to your forehead under the center section. The top section can be secured to the hair with bobby pins and/or U pins, or even using adhesive.

For more information on adhesives, please read our blog post HERE.

Made with all genuine sparkle, and on a skin-safe silicone backing.