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Secret Love

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Our little gnomes are busy making this for you! Please allow 1-2 weeks for production.


Product description

Stone colour: Crystal AB

This necklace is made with genuine sparkle and has a very comfortable skin-safe silicone backing.

This necklace is X long and is adjustable upwards with a jewelry chain and clasp in the back. The metal is nickel-free, but if you're concerned about metal allergy OR require a smaller size, feel free to email us and we can make this design to your measurement.

With the adjustable chain/clasp system, this will allow you to lengthen the size at will, however, we do like to check with you in case the necklace will need an adjustment to prevent it from being too loose at it's smallest size.

If you have any questions about sizing - just pop us an email and we can check the fit. Most of our stock items are "average", however people - just like our designs - come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so we're happy to accommodate.

What the heck is "Crystal AB" anyway? Don't worry - we explain it HERE [link coming].

Custom colour? SURE! This design can be replicated in a custom colour set, just fill in those boxes up above with your request. Please note that not all stone colours are available in every shape and size, and this means that sometimes we'll have to make substitutes even though we try our best to keep the overall design in mind. It's very important to note that if you chose a custom colour creation, it will require extra time to fill the order. Times may vary so if you are in a rush, check out our in-stock items since they're ready to ship ASAP. If we see that you have selected this option, we'll be getting in touch with you to discuss the order. You can always email us with any of your questions before making an order - we don't bite!