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Product description

Stone colour: Crystal AB

Once upon a time, back in the day when social media was new, we encountered a rando who declared us a real B!tch Goddess, which we can only assume was a compliment.

Well, if such a thing were real, that particular goddess would be wearing Zelmira, a bold style with thicker bands that are two stones wide. There are almost four gross of stones along the bands. 

Crafted with all Crystal AB stones which will match any costume, Zelmira has a silicone backing for comfort and durability.

Also available in jet.

Total length is approximately 63 cm (25 inches).

Attach to hair with bobby pins and/or U-Pins, and add a dab of eyelash glue between forehead and headband for added stability.

For tips regarding glueing items to your forehead, please read our article HERE.